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The Bandolins

A relatively recent string band based in New Fairfield, CT, The Bandolins play a blend of old-time, bluegrass and British Isles string music. Their music is primarily instrumental, consisting of traditional American (plus Irish, English and Scottish) folk songs from the 19th century. Also a few Appalachian bluegrass tunes made famous in this century.

Larry Brish - guitar
John Capalbo - banjo
Jamie Doris - bass
Doug Spaulding - mandolin
Susan Spaulding - concertina, percussion

Big Apple'achia

NY/CT based band comprised of five veteran musicians.  Their goal is  "to bring the traditional, hard driving, soulful sound of Bluegrass music to the urban audience…to those that are yet uninitiated into acoustic 'roots' music, as well as the veteran Bluegrass fan."

Nick Novia - guitar
Joe DeLillo
- string bass
Bob Mavian
- mandolin
Andy Cartoun
- banjo
Pete Elegant
- fiddle



This acoustic duo out of Connecticut are experienced musicians, having been steeped in the American Roots music tradition for many years. Their voices blend in close harmony along with strong instrumental work, and they draw upon both traditional and contemporary sources for a well-rounded mix of acoustic music.

Mark White: guitar, harmonica
Jon Swift: upright bass

Blue Trail

This band out of the Hamden, CT area delivers an eclectic collection of tunes in their 'home-timey' style of toe tappin' delight...from timeless country classics, bluegrass and folk, to classic rock. The band states: "Blue Trail is a place where friendship, life, and music have somehow come together... a place we will learn together and grow together."

Dale Long - vocals, rhythm guitar, bass
Cindy Long - vocals, mandolin, percussion
Janet Lavorgna - vocals, fiddle, bass
Carl Legere - vocals, lead guitar, bass
George Manukas - electric lead guitar
Paul 'oddakee' Furgalack - harmonica
Jeff Wilson - drums, percussion

Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum is basically plain old American music (Dylan, Lightfoot, Tom Rush, Tom Paxton, Woody Guthrie and the like. Also some country blues (Mississippi John Hurt and a few of the old blind blues guys; Jimmie Rodgers, Doc Watson, Delmore Bros., etc); classic oldies (Ricky Nelson, Don Gibson, Guy Mitchell, Johnny Cash, etc). Once in a while DE will throw a bluegrass number in there, too. Both fellers sing.

Rich Johnson - 6 & 12-string guitar, Dobro
Jon Swift - guitar

Amy Gallatin & Stillwaters

Amy is at home singing various musical styles -- country duets, folk, bluegrass or western swing. Amy and Roger are performing some of Roger's originals, as well as joining their voices in some classic country duets, old and new.

Amy Gallatin - guitar
Roger Williams - resophonic guitar
J.D. Williams - mandolin
Eric Levenson - bass

Grass Routes

For over 20 years the Connecticut band Grass Routes has performed a broad repertoire of songs ranging from straight-ahead traditional Bluegrass, to more contemporary folk and country-style material.

Bill Reveley - mandolin/fiddle
Marilyn Toback-Reveley
- guitar
Dave Orlomoski
- guitar
Joe Lemeris - banjo
Joe DeLillo - string bass

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The Hot Flashes

New England music veterans Amy Gallatin, Peggy Harvey, and songwriter Gail Wade showcase their tight vocal harmonies and jazzy acoustic stylings. Everything from swing to blues to country, with a few cowgirl tunes thrown in for good measure. Backed by the "Men-o-pause" -- Roger, J.D., and John. Sax, fiddle, banjo, harmonica, Dobro, mandolin, standup bass.

Amy Gallatin - guitar
Peggy Harvey - fiddle, sax, harmonica
Gail Wade - guitar, clawhammer banjo
   Roger Williams - resophonic guitar
   J.D. Williams - mandolin
   John Urbanik - bass

Last Fair Deal


Last Fair Deal is comprised of three veterans in the Connecticut acoustic music scene. 'New American Roots' music, from Bluegrass to Swing.


Paul Howard - guitar, harmonica
Tom Hagymasi - fiddle, bouzouki
Phil Zimmerman - mandolin, banjo
Todd Howard - electric bass


Lost Acres String Band


Infectious dance rhythms, high-energy instrumentals, and three distinctive voices. LASB plays old and new fiddle tunes, blues, swing, and exotic originals.


Gordon Swift - fiddle, vocals
Jon Swift - bass, vocals

Paul Howard - guitar, vocals

Old Time Bluegrass Singers

Named in honor of the original late 1960's band comprising Joe Val, Herb Applin, Bob French and Bob Tidwell, The Old Time Bluegrass Singers feature original member Herb Applin on mandolin and his startling tenor voice. While they can do all the traditional bluegrass requests, The OTBS feature a unique repertoire performed in traditional, classic, hard-edged bluegrass style. They "make the old sound new, and the new sound old!"

Herb Applin - mandolin
Dick Bowden
- guitar
Terry McGill
- banjo
Lillian Fraker - string bass



"One Yale grad student, one Yale educated architect, and four contractors with high school diplomas sounds like an unpredictable mix. Experienced pickers all, their shared love of bluegrass and wide ranging musical tastes make for an entertaining live show."

Pictured L - R:
Paul Neri - banjo
Chris Wuerth - guitar
Amanda Gregg  - mandolin
Bob Boettger - bass
Victoria Su
- fiddle
Jon Wuerth - guitar

Second Circle Bluegrass Band

Second Circle Bluegrass Band is comprised of talented musicians and vocalists from CT. They write: "Vocal harmonies combine with innovative instrumentals to provide audiences with an exciting performance punctuated by an array of traditional and progressive tunes.  Second Circle's professional stage presence is often peppered with spontaneous humor and is sure to entertain the traditional Bluegrass aficionado as well as the newcomer."

Gary Davis - mandolin
Jack Kavanaugh - bass
Eben Salter - guitar
Terry Salter - lead vocals
Mark Schleicher - banjo
Vic Gallagher - guitar, fiddle


ShoreGrass is a Bluegrass band from the Connecticut shoreline. Frank & Barbara Shaw (of Branford) began as a duet and eventually expanded to the traditional five-piece band that has performed together since December 1999. Their music is a mix of traditional Bluegrass, old-time, early country, gospel and folk, as well as original material.

Barbara Shaw - guitar
Frank Shaw - banjo
Paul Pozzi - mandolin
Larry Rothermel - fiddle
Bob Csugie - bass


The Soggy Basement Boys

A bluegrass & acoustic string band based in Ridgefield, CT. SBB's repertoire includes anything from bluegrass standards to folk-rock. The Boys (+ 1 gal) blend their unique arrangements and vocal harmonies into every performance.

Chris Anderson - guitar, vocals
Laird Calia - guitar, resophonic guitar
Mike Crescenzo - upright bass
Will Demers - guitar, mandolin, vocals
Gerry O’Hara - banjo, guitar, vocals
Gillean Reinders - tenor guitar, keyboard, vocals

Stacy Phillips and His Bluegrass Characters

A 5-piece band with a rotating pool of musicians that have included Chris Brashear, Phil Zimmerman, Gene Yellin, Ben Freed, Betsy Rome, Kenny Kosek, Pete Kelly, Rick Brodsky and Stacy Phillips.  The band specializes in the traditional sound of bluegrass.

They play at The Outer Space, 295 Treadwell St., Hamden, CT every last Tuesday of the month; 7:30 PM, no cover.

String Fingers Band

SFB bridges the gap between Toots & The Maytals and Tony Rice, James Taylor and Bill Monroe, The Grateful Dead and John Hartford. Their repertiore covers everything from folksy-backwoods originals to creative takes on great Americana songs.

Dan Tressler - fiddle, mandolin, guitar, vocals
Dan Carlucci - guitar, mandolin, vocals
David Kaye - banjo, Dobro, pedal steel
Ryan McAdams - bass

Rob Bonnacorso  - drums, percussion

Gordon Titcomb

Gordon is "a Connecticut born & bred Yankee with Bluegrass music in my veins." Some of the bands he played in were in the Just Pickin', Polecat, and Apple Country in the early 70s. He's toured and recorded with Bluegrass artists such as Peter Rowan, Barry & Holly Tashian (also originally Connecticut folks); the late John Herald and banjo great Bill Keith. For the last few years Gordon has been touring with Arlo Guthrie playing mandolin, banjo & pedal steel. He has a new CD, The Last Train. Joining him on the project are Arlo guthrie, Mike Auldridge, Bill Keith, Mark Schatz, Frank Solivan II and others.

Too Blue

An acoustic quartet with members in NY & CT performing their "own unique blend of bluegrass & swing music."

Joan Harrison - banjo
Betsy Rome - guitar
Michael Sassano - mandolin
Jamie Doris - bass

Gail Wade & Turning Point

Gail is based in Colchester, CT. She is the finest of songcrafters, an accomplished guitarist and has a fine touch on the clawhammer banjo. Gail also happens to be blessed with a voice that enables her to sing most any style of music she chooses...from Blues & Ballads, to Folk & Swing. Gail's strength lies in her own lyrics and melodies; two important elements that compliment each and every performance.

Gail Wade - guitar, clawhammer banjo
Peggy Harvey - fiddle, tenor sax, flute, harmonica
Dan Menzone - 5-string banjo
Tim St. Jean - mandolin, fiddle
Rob Rainwater
- bass


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