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Coming to CT...



Mark Kilianski /Nate Sabat

We love the duet format, and we have two wonderful duos coming January 5th.

Mark is a songwriter and guitarist with Hoot and Holler and The Moonlight Ramblers. 

Nate is a bassist and also sings with the noted bluegrass band Mile Twelve. 

This duet is a new venture for them.

Saturday, January 5, 2019
Best Video, 7:30 PM

Mark Killianski original: Listen

Nate Sabat original: Listen


Opening for Nate and Mark will be Kat Wallace and David Sasso. This is a new side project for them. 

They both play regularly with other bands, including Five in The Chamber and River Run.

Expect the 2 duos to play as a quartet too!

Kat and David: Listen


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